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Local West Michigan Police Phone Numbers, Address, and Web-Sites.

Grand Rapids Police

1 Monroe Center St NW
Grand Rapids Michigan

Fraternal Order-Police Lodge

1753 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI
Kent County Sheriff

701 Ball Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI

Kent County Sheriff

8557 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Caledonia Township, MI

Kent County Sheriff

14171 16 Mile Rd, Gowen, MI

East Grand Rapids Police

770 Lakeside Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI

Wyoming Police

2300 DeHoop Avenue SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
Kentwood police

4742 Walma Ave SE, Kentwood, MI 49512
Grandville Police

3181 Wilson Ave SW, Grandville, MI
Walker Police

4243 Remembrance Rd. NW Walker, MI 49534
Rockford Police

7 S Monroe St NE, Rockford, MI
Sparta Police

260 W Division St, Sparta, MI
Lowell Police

111 N Monroe St, Lowell, MI
Belding Police

120 Pleasant St, Belding, MI
Ionia County Sheriff

133 E Adams St, Ionia, MI
Ionia Police

239 E Adams St, Ionia, MI
Wayland Police

160 W Superior St, Wayland, MI
Holland Police

89 W 8th St, Holland, MI
Ottawa County

289 Danforth St, Coopersville, MI
Middleville Sheriff

100 E Main St, Middleville, MI
Allegan Sheriff

112 Walnut St, Allegan, MI
Grant Police

280 S Maple St, Grant, MI
Newaygo Police

360 Adams St, Newaygo, MI
US Secret Service

330 Ionia Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI
Federal Bureau Of Investigation

330 Ionia Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI
Alcohol Toboacco Firearms

38 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI
Michigan State Police Headquarters

333 S. Grand Ave.
P.O. Box 30634
Lansing, MI 48909

Michigan State Police

544 N Main St, Wayland, MI

Michigan State Police

Fax: 616-866-4783
345 Northland Drive, NE
Rockford, MI 49341,1607,7-123-1584_3472_4732---,00.html

Listen To Police In Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Common Police Ten Code List or Ten Signal List

10-0 Use Caution
10-1 signal poor
10-2 Signal good
10-3 yes affirmative
10-4 OK acknowledgmen
10-5 stop transmitting
10-6 stand by unless urgent
10-7 out service
10-8 in service
10-9 repeat previous information
10-10 fight in progress
10-11 in route to assignment
10-12 call office
10-13 whether, road conditions
10-14 prowler call
10-15 civil disturbance
10-16 family trouble, caution
10-17 see complainant
10-18 any traffic for me
10-19 no traffic for you
10-20 what is your location
10-21 make phone call for me to
10-22 disregard previous information
10-23 arrival on the scene
10-24 clear of assignment
10-25 meet party at
10-26 valid ops check
10-27 drivers license class 2
10-28 registration on
10-29 file check of
10-30 Chase-give info
10-31 crime in progress
10-32 weapon involved, caution
10-33 emergency situation
10-34 riot in progress at
10-35 strike problems at
10-36 the correct time
10-37 investigate suspicious vehicle
10-38 stopping vehicle. For violation.
10-39 officer in danger all units respond
10-40 requests to leave district
10-41 beginning tour of duty
10-42 ending tour of duty
10-43 barking dog complaint
10-44 animal and roadway
10-45 dead animal in road
10-46 motorist assist
10-47 Emergency Rd repairs needed at
10-48 fighter unit needed, washed down
10-49 traffic signal repair at
10-50 personal injury accident
10-51 property damage accident
10-52 need ambulance
10-53 ambulance in route
10-54 seven wrecker wrecker in route
10-55 Suspected DUI
10-57 disorderly persons at
10-58 need K-9 unit here
10-59 funeral encore or assist
10-60 take report of -- at
10-61 personnel on foot in area
10-62 reply to previous traffic
10-63 prepared to make a written copy
10-64 requests to talk
10-65 transfer - any kind
10-66 request backup unit
10-67 subject is in my vehicle
10-68 bomb threat at
10-69 stakeout: marked stay away
10-70 assist fire units at
10-72 return to front office
10-73 returning to squad room
10-77 advice time of arrival
10-78 traffic assist at
10-79 medical Examiner needed
10-80 emergency run, lights and siren
10-81 not emergency, but code 2
10-82 radio service needed
10-83 call spouse
10-87 supervisor needed
10-89 intrusion alarm at
10-90 bank alarm at
10-91 illegal or improper radio use
10-92 subject in custody
10-93 blockade - info. To follow
10-94 check for speeders at
10-95 drowning at
10-96 mental situation at
10-97 suicide, or attempt
10-98 jailbreak, or trouble at jail
10-99 subject or vehicle wanted
99 T traffic warrant
99 F felony warrant
99 B bench warrant
99 M miscellaneous warrant
10-100 Nature Call Not 10-7

Code 1 Highest Priority Emergency
Code 2 Handle Now
Code 3 During Normal Tour of Duty

There is no standard universal set of police 10-codes, and the meanings of a particular 10-code list can vary between one police jurisdiction to another. Updates and appendages to this 10 code list may occur as time goes on. This particular list was acquired in the 1990s from a Kentwood police officer, please let us know if there are any inaccuracies and/or updates needed.