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The Rapid

250 Granville Ave SW
Grand Rapids Mi 49503 Show map

Phone: 616-776-1100

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The city bus in Grand Rapids is called The Rapid. There are many advantages to taking the bus, one of which is the ever escalating gas price, the other is parking inconvenience. The Rapid is a great, reliable, low-cost transportation system we all can use. If you’re looking for a affordable transportation RIDE THE RAPID.

Bus Route 17 takes you to the Gerald R Ford International Airport.

Some bus routes include transportation to Grand Valley State University Campus located on Lake Michigan Drive in Allendale.

The Rapid Central Station in Grand Rapids.
250 Granville Ave SW
Grand Rapids MI 49503

Route and Schedule information: 616-776-1100
TDD 616-774-1186
County Connection: 800-849-1191.
Go Bus: 616-456-6141
PASS Reservations and Information: 616-459-7701
RightLink: 616-774-1288
TDD: 616-774-1196

Lost and Found: 616-776-1100 M-F 6:30am - 6:30pm
Carpooling Assist: 616-458-7283 - 877-966-7OO5
Vanpooling: 616-774-1188
Travel Training: 616-456-7514

Bus Schedule

Routes and Maps

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The Rapid
Administrative Office
300 Ellsworth SW
Grand Rapids Mi 49503

The Rapid
Operations and Maintenance Center
333 Wealthy Street SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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